What are screen buddies?

Screen buddies are cute desk accessories that can sit on your computer/TV screen or desk. With their cute faces and round little bodies, your screen buddies will keep you company while you work, study or relax at your desk.

Each screen buddy comes with an electronics-safe adhesive sticker that you can use to attach to your screen.

Will screen buddies fit on my screen?

Screen buddies fit on most computer/TV screens. For curved or thick screen, you might need to play around with positioning the buddy so that it sits comfortably. If your screen is especially curved, the buddy may sit better on the edge of the monitor, instead of in the center. 

Can I use screen buddies on my laptop?

Screen buddies were originally designed to be used on computer monitors or TVs. While some of our friends and family have successfully used it on their laptops, the buddy can get in the way of opening and closing your laptop. You might also want to consider additional adhesives like glue dots to attach your buddy to the back of your laptop.

Do screen buddies work as webcam covers?

Screen buddies are not intended to be webcam covers.



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